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Deepa Maria is taking personal time off from teaching.

Now Offering LIVE Online

Group Classes and Private Instruction


If you've lost wages due to the COVID19 outbreak or are a

first responder, healthcare provider, teacher, caregiver,

you are welcome to take any class for no fee.

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Classes are offered on a donation basis – give what you can at this time. 

For those who have asked, pre-quarantine fees were $20 drop in and $60 per month per four class series, $75 for five class series.

And to those students who are not comfortable financially right now, you are welcome to attend and thank you very much for showing up! We will get through this unique situation together. 

This month I'm asking any and all donations you feel to give be sent directly to my friends who are working in the Navajo Nation to sustain life. This is a cause very dear to my heart as part of my ancestry is Native American.

My friends are putting together boxes of food, disinfectant, and masks to personally drop off to Navajo individuals and families in the Nation.  They are doing this voluntarily because there is a HUGE need there and not enough resources...in addition to their full time jobs as nurses at the hospital there!

They could use financial support for supplies, drinking water and gas.  The People don't live in villages.  The homesteads are spread out in the Nation so there is a lot of driving involved to get these life sustaining supplies to the families.

Please send any amount donation as a friend via 
PayPal to Mechellegathering@gmail.com.

Donations can be made through PayPal (choose ‘friends & family’ so I’m not charged a fee).  My PayPal account is Deepa@BlissYogi.com

Or if you prefer to write a check, please email or text me for my snail mail address. 

I'm also available for private online instruction.  Contact me if interested.


Become a Yogi Warrior!

A Yogi Warrior does what needs to be done in a humble, self-less and efficient way.

Join us online for classes designed to relieve stress and regain your centered, balanced Warrior!

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We're using the Zoom platform, which will enable us to see each other. And while I won't be able to give you adjustments, I WILL be able to correct your alignments!   



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