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Magical ~ Transformational

Quartz Crystal Bowl Sound Bath for

Healing the Waters of the World

Sunday September 9

Time: 9:30-11:30am

Location: Blossom Valley (El Cajon)

Address given after registration 


Join us on the New Moon!  This will be an event of joyful ritual, intention and profound healing for all the waters of the world

Participants bring water to be blessed to take home as "seed" water to charge their own drinking water homeopathically!
Inspired by Dr. Emoto's work and the healing vibrations of the Quartz Crystal Bowls, we'll literally be changing the structure of water.   

We'll also set the intention to heal all the waters on this planet in a very joyful way!

Not only will you take home 
this re-structured, energized, healing water, but you'll will also: 
  • Learn how to use this water for your own healing.
  • Play the bowls - or not
  • Enjoy delicious treats 
Cost: $45
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