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NEW 3 Week Yoga Series in South Bay starts 15 September

New South Bay Inner Bliss Yoga Class Series

Give yourSelf a  >break<  from the daily grind and stress of world events, job, traffic, your life
In each 90 minute class you'll learn how to RECLAIM your authentic Inner Blissful Self and how to take that with you into your life.
YES, be able to perform and accomplish more than before with ease.
This class is good for beginners and continuing:
    • Friday:  September 15, 29 and Oct 13
    • 10:30-Noon
    • Cost:  $54 Cash
    • or $60 with Credit Card


Class will be held in a private home studio in Imperial Beach right off the 5.  

Blankets provided.  Address/Directions given to those who Register

2 spots still open.  Email me to regster or for more info.




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