SvaroopaŽ Class Descriptions

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All Svaroopa Yoga classes explore different themes each month.  Each theme builds on your ability to become aware of your awareness of the changes and way your body releases tensions.  Themes include:

  • Daily Practice
  •  Backbends    
  • Balance/Inversions
  • Lower Spinal Release
  •  Standing Poses
  • Classical Poses
  •  Upper Spinal Release
  •  Forward Bends
  •  Vinyasa
  •  Abdominals
  •   Neck & Shoulders
  •  Twists & Seated Poses

Class Descriptions:


The 90 minute class is mixed level for the beginning and/or intermediate student.  Students are given instructions for alignment or adpations to meet individual strength or flexibility needs.  The teacher gives adjustments as needed to help students refine alignments or receive even more release.