SvaroopaŽ Class Descriptions

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Class Descriptions:

Semi-Private Continuing

This is a unique style of yoga.  You can scroll down for more details.  The 90 minute class is mixed level for the beginning and/or intermediate student.  

Unlike larger classes, the Svaroopa® yoga teacher doesn't simply stand in the front of the room telling you what to do. You are aligned and adjusted into the most effective angle so you receive the most out of your class.

This class is kept intentionally small so you receive extra attention and coaching.

Due to space limitation a maximum of 4 students can attend.  


3 session pass: $81

4 session pass: $108

Drop in: $30 only if space is available.

 Contact Deepa for payment details

All Svaroopa Yoga classes emphasize release of core spinal tensions which have a profound effect on your entire being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  You'll learn how to BE in you body a whole new way.  Be amazed at what learning how to

  • release
  • let go
  • use just what you need

We explore different themes each month.  Each theme builds on your ability to become aware of your awareness of the changes and the way your body releases tensions.  Themes include:

  • Daily Practice
  •  Backbends    
  • Balance/Inversions
  • Lower Spinal Release
  •  Standing Poses
  • Classical Poses
  •  Upper Spinal Release
  •  Forward Bends
  •  Vinyasa
  •  Abdominals
  •   Neck & Shoulders
  •  Twists & Seated Poses