Healing Sound Baths

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"I get exactly what I need every time!" Karen


DEEP Healing & Relaxation

with a Crystal Bowl

Healing Sound Bath 

Date & Time TBD October, 2019


Private Home in Serra Mesa   address given after registration 

After the last sound bath given, one participant reported she was still feeling very calm and relaxed 4 days later!


Do you need a deeply relaxing time out? 

Then treat yourSelf to this sweet healing time for you and maybe a friend! 

Other participants in the last Sound Bath reported feeling:

  • More connected to their body
  • More relaxed than they dreamed possible
  • More awareness how important it is for them to take time to nurture themselves

So why not:

  • Indulge and bask in the Allowing of Connection with your whole Self?
  • Receive and replenish with the gentle, nurturing, cleansing vibrations of the Quartz Crystal Bowls?

The bowls will give you exactly what you need for your body, mind and spirit.


Click this for Early Bird Savings:  $35.00 by August 17, 2019.  

 Note:  Additional $1.35 covers PayPal fees, so your total is $36.35.

 OR Email me to get info where to send check to.


$45.00 After August 19

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