Meditation Events

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We gather to share non-denominational, secular Oneness Blessings/  We meet  in the Community Meeting Room in Golden Hill Park, San Diego 92102.


From time to time special Events are held.  Please click here: Oneness Events  for information.  



Awakened Deeksha Gathering



1st, 3rd & 5th Mondays (unless it's a city holiday)

Join us for our sweet Oneness Gatherings.  Sometimes we have special guests so join our meet up group to get the details:

We always share Deeksha and have light refreshments afterwards. 


Join our meet up group to get announcements:




 Oneness Meditations ONLINE:

Integration.  When the Oneness Meditation is finished, you will hear the music change again as the music for the Liberation Sutra begins.  The Liberation Sutra will play twice.  We suggest that you sit quietly, using this time to allow your experience to integrate. The broadcast will end after the Liberation Sutra finishes for the second time.

Here are general instructions for the viewing the broadcasts. Note: each meditator may have their own specific instructions.

Go to the link for the webcast. You can log on whenever you want to, but the broadcast screen will generally not be visible until 10 minutes before the Webcast.

It may be necessary to have a flash player installed to be able to watch.

Please feel free to forward the link to this page to anyone you think would be interested.

Also, Oneness University has asked that recordings of Live Oneness Meditation broadcasts not be posted on the internet

We offer Gratitude to all those offering the Oneness Meditations, those doing the scheduling and announcements and calendars, and those providing technical assistance for their service to humanity. 

Websites with OM webcast listings